Kivrin is getting closer to walking every day, she loves standing up while she plays, especially in the garden house at her school.

In other news at our house this week…Dan and I went out for the evening last night to see “Moonlight and Magnolias” at TCTA (community theatre) while our friend Sheila played with Kivrin. Even though I was nervous about how Kivrin would do with a babysitter, we enjoyed the play (I got nachos AND carrot cake at intermission, and Dan had a beer!) and Kivrin did great with Sheila for a few hours.


On Monday, Kivrin had her 9-month checkup with Dr. Iliff . It had the potential to be a tear-free visit, since there were no scheduled shots. Unfortunately, just as Dr. Iliff walked in, Kivrin crawled face-first into the step-stool under the examining table, so she was inconsolable for most of the exam and  (as always) not on her best behavior for the doctor.

She’s 26.25 inches tall and weighs 19.4 pounds. We are starting to introduce some whole milk now from a local dairy (mixed with breast milk). Nutrient-wise we are focusing on protein and iron as we introduce more foods and continue the transition to table foods. Her next checkup will be after her first birthday!