kivrin looking through nanas coffeet able

I tried to teach Kivrin to crawl through Nana’s coffee table, but she’s too little still. She liked playing peek-a-boo though.

playing with the monkey and the cloth

Kivrin has started playing with dolls and blankets. Here she is wrapping her monkey in a blanket…over and over and over…

crawling down the stairs

Once Kivrin mastered climbing up the two steps at Grandpa’s house, she started trying to climb back down. Shhe’s not very good at it yet.Ā  šŸ™‚

playing with grandpa

Kivrin and Grandpa were playing together — Grandpa hides the ball under one of the cups, then mixes the cups around. Kivrin almost always found the ball on her first try!

kivrin doing so big with denise

Denise and Kivrin playing “So Big” together on the floor.

watching the downpour

Wow, that’s a lot of rain. We didn’t walk outside in it, because it was really coming down.