The last 10 months have flown by. Kivrin’s personality is emerging more every day. I would describe her as extrememly social, very physically active and daring. She likes banging her toys to make loud noises and will squeal with delight when she sees one of our cats. When I asked Dan, he described her as boisterous and fickle and also a cutie pie. Her newest “skills” lately include trying to carry mutiple toys in the same hand (2-3 legos, 2-4 gears, etc.) and getting frustrated when she can’t carry everything and crawl at the same time.  She says “mama” pretty regularly now, and although sometimes it seems related to seeing me, most often it seems to mean “this situation isn’t to my satisfaction, fix it now.”  She hasn’t said “dada” yet but is adding to the combinations of sounds she says to make up longer words lately and has been babbling happily both to herself and to us.  She is picking things up and putting them behind her head a lot, sometimes pretending to talk on the telephone, often just dropping the thing behind her. Three teeth on top are working their way through the gums this week. In the past few days, she has started standing unassisted for 10 seconds at a time. Dan says she was trying to see how many times she could clap before grabbing onto his leg again (apparently, it is three). She loves to take a cloth (a scarf, a burb cloth, a wet washcloth, etc.) and a toy (her monkey, her doll, her sippy cup, a lego) and wrap up the toy with the cloth and then cuddle it against her and then uncover it and do it again. She is eating more table food, scrambled eggs and pancakes, spaghetti, mexican rice, and drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup. She’s still nursing during the day and at night, but has no trouble taking a bottle when mommy is away, and Dan even offered her a cup today instead of a bottle for one feeding, with some success.

4x6 kivrin and truck

4x6 kivrin fixing her truck

This is the best clearance sale $6 I’ve spent lately — a wooden tractor trailer complete with logs and a driver. Kivrin loves pushing it around, taking it apart and most of all  – banging the logs together and on everything else in the kitchen!

4x6 kivrin book

4x6 kivrin reading monster book

4x6 kivrin yawning

Sometimes now Kivrin will yawn after someone else does, but mostly she is still the one causing us to yawn!