daddy cakes

Kivrin and I got Daniel some “daddy cakes” for his birthday. Kivrin didn’t get any of the supersized deluxe glamorous cupcakes for herself, but she eyed them with interest.

helping with green beans

Besides all of the other valid reasons for child labor laws, let’s face it, babies are not good helpers. Here Kivrin is helping me snap green beans that Carrie’s dad grew for us. While Kivrin likes to pull things out of the bowl even occasionally put things back into the bowl, she decreased the over productivity of our task by a large amount.

helping with ribbons

Kivrin was equally unhelpful with the ribbons of my fairy-skirt-making project, although she enjoyed them A LOT.

kivrin snuggling mommy

This was supposed to be a picture of Kivrin walking, but she came in for a cute little snuggle instead.

kivrin not walking at the zoo

This is also supposedly a picture of Kivrin walking at the Topeka zoo on July 11th (about a week after she took her first steps). We figured she would want to toddle around a bit,  so we didn’t bring in a stroller or sling, but every time we set her down, she plopped down and refused to move! So, we lugged her around the zoo the old fashioned way, in our arms.

waving to the elephant

I’m sure we’ve posted similar pictures before, but look, Kivrin’s waving to the elephant. That never gets old.