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Kivrin has a hilarious laugh, especially when Mama is “getting” her. This one minute video is guaranteed to make you smile, and will probably make you laugh!

Our dear friend Laurel came to visit us from California for the past week and we were so happy to have her with us! Kivrin loved her, of course and we spent time catching up, doing crafts, hanging out with the baby, and visiting Laurel’s favorite spots around Topeka.

Laurel and Lissa were matched through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Topeka program back in November of 2001 (when Laurel was a spunky 8 year old and Lissa was a spry young 23 year old!) and Laurel will always be a special member of our family.


laurel and kivrin hanging out

laurel kivrin staredown

laurel and kivrin posing

Laurel and Kivrin hamming it up for the camera!

kivrin and the orangutan

Kivrin showing us the orangutan at the zoo.

kivrin at the zoo

kivrin loves target

Kivrin taking a ride in the cart at Target during an impromptu shopping spree.

kivrin's first bite of jimmy johns

This is Kivrin’s first bite of  a Jimmy John’s sandwich. She didn’t get much, but she liked trying. Jimmy John’s doesn’t have any booster seats or high chairs, so Kivrin got to sit on my lap at the booth while we ate.

laurel at the sk8away

lissa and kivrin at sk8away

Laurel had fond memories of hangin gout at the local roller skating rink, the Sk8away, so we went for an open skating session on Saturday afternoon. Laurel roller skated around and Kivrin and I watched from the little snack bar area. Kivrin was enthralled with the skaters and the flashing lights. (and I got nachos from the snack bar, so everyone was happy!)

laurel is passionate about rainbows

Laurel is passionate about rainbows. Enough said. 🙂 Her purple hair wasn’t much of a surprise – I remember the very first week I hung out with her 8 years ago. When I picked her up, parts of her hair were bright pink. When I asked about it, she said the babysitter had done it, and it was supposed to wash out but it didn’t! This purple isn’t supposed to wash out, but it does, and so Laurel has to redo the dye periodically.

laurel making kivrins tshirt

finished shirt by laurel

Laurel is becoming quite the artist and is sketching and drawing constantly. She used markers to make Kivrin a personalized shirt that says “I love unicorns.”

kivrin and laurel in a band

Kivrin and Laurel making music together — Kivrin on the rattle and Laurel on the Ocarina iPhone app!

laurel does homework while kivrin plays

Laurel brought homework along with her — she worked on it while Kivrin entertained herself in the living room.  

lissa and laurel 4x6

Lissa and Laurel posing for a nice “sisters” picture on Laurel’s last day in Topeka…and then being silly to entertain the baby….

lissa and laurel dancing

lissa and laurel jazz hands

kivrin watching the big girls be silly

We miss you already Laurel — we hope you can come visit again soon!

Kivrin loves lounging — in bed, in her chair, on the floor. It’s adorable to see her enjoying her newfound abilities to move around how she wants, and to relax how she wants too! She will stand up and sit down and slouch around in the chair over and over.

kivrin lounging around

kivrin lounging in her chair with her doll

not scared of the vacuum

We have usually tried to vacuum while Kivrin is at school or not at home, but we discovered after a very messy muffin-eating session that she doesn’t mind if we vacuum when she is awake to watch!

cool iphone photo of kivrin sleeping

A photo of Kivrin sleeping in her mama’s arms that I edited using my iphone.

kivrin and mama asleep in the morning

Kivrin and mama sleeping in the morning. Kivrin has been consistently staying up to almost 9pm and sleeping past 7 am the past few weeks (though still nursing several times in the night).

7-26 playing with the dolly

I made Kivrin a little space with pillows and a blanket on the living room floor. She used a blanket to wrap up her baby doll.

messiest face ever

Messiest face ever — Kivrin seems to know when it is bath night and she gets extra messy with her dinner. I think this was beets and baby food…I can’t remember what else is smeared all over her face though! She is obviously pretty happy while messy!

kivrin looking at the wall

Kivrin is a climber, although she doesn’t have much to climb on at our house. Here she is using her chair to try to reach the picture frames high on the wall above her, with little success. She has been very interested in looking at pictures/photos lately. She loves looking at the photos of when her Mama and Aunt Leigh Anne were little girls, and also of her family photos on the bulletin board at day care. And any photo of an animal is great, especially if she can get someone to make animal noises for her if she keeps pointing at the picture! (She has us well trained.)

kivrin and mommy together

Kivrin and Mama pose for a quick picture while playing in the kitchen.

kivrin and fogt grandparents

Kivrin got some play time with her Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Steve  when they came from Kansas City to bring our friend Laurel from the airport. Kivrin is showing off for Grandma with both her baby doll and her car.

nap on the couch

Kivrin crashed out on the couch for a nap — she is a lounger and loves to spread out in every direction.


Kivrin likes when we blow bubbles, although she doesn’t chase them too much. She likes to watch them float in the air, and she likes when *we* chase them.

playing with her doll in the chair at school

This is the rocking chair where I sit to nurse Kivrin every day at her school. I put her up on it so that she could rock her baby doll. She likes to use old soft burp cloths to wrap up her baby dolls and fusses if her teachers try to substitute a baby blanket instead.

stair climbing motivation

Now you see why Kivrin loves to try to climb the stairs — at the top is our little cat, Ella, trying to escape from Kivrin! We have a gate in the hallway so that Kivrin can’t get to the stairs on her own.

 opening a box from gramma mary

Kivrin received a GIANT box of early birthday presents from her Gramma Mary!

opening the package from gramma

She looks on with interest at a purple plush that is trying to escape.


package from gramma mary

Kivrin liked banging on top of the box. (Yes, she is holding a dirty sock. Her favorite things right now are dolls and dirty socks. She likes clean socks too, but we seem to have more dirty socks on the floor at home.)

kivrin looking at the creature comforts book

Kivrin is very interested in the special book that Gramma sent “Creature Comforts” about people and their security objects. Kivrin hasn’t choosen a security object yet, although increasingly any small doll or sock seems to make her happy when she is having a quiet time.

kivrin wants the blue hat

Kivrin wasn’t interested in wearing this hat herself yet, but the moment it went on her Mama’s head, she wanted it!

kivrin making a fish face

The box contained lots of great underwater-themed toys to match the theme of Kivrin’s bedroom. Kivrin is making a funny fish face back at this clown fish.

kivrin looking in the box

Kivrin crawled right over and started helping take things out of the box!

kivrin and mama reading together

Kivrin and I read the Creature Comforts book together, at least a few pages anyway.

roughhousing with mama

After all of that present-opening, Kivrin was pretty wound up. This is a picture of Kivrin and Mama rough housing together.

Thank you Gramma Mary for all of the wonderful presents! The musical triangle is also a favorite, and is featured in the latest video!

A verbal snapshot of Kivrin’s life

  • Kivrin can count to ten! And she does. Frequently! 10 years ago
  • Later, no thank you, now, one more time, almost done, excuse me, please. All powerful words from the mouth of a toddler... 10 years ago
  • Kivrin is two years old today! Happy Birthday baby girl, we are so impressed and amazed by the person you are growing up to be! 10 years ago
  • Toddler logic: Blowing on the outside air on a sweltering day will cool it off enough that mommy will agree it's not too hot for a walk. 10 years ago
  • Toddler logic: Kivrin skinned her knee, therefore her baby doll needs a bandaid. 10 years ago
  • Kivrin switched from the terse "hi" on her play phone to a more elaborate "ay-yo" hello style greeting. Verbal skills increasing daily!!! 10 years ago
  • This morning Kivrin choked on a cracker and made a mess of her shirt/carseat on the way to school. She named the incident her "big cough." 10 years ago

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