colin and lissa and kivrin building the playmobile circus

Lissa shared her playmobile circus with Colin — Aunt Lissa was the trapeze artist under the big top once we got it put together! Kivrin helped from her chair!

., cute group shot

posing on the bench at Collins Park

colin and dan on the teeter totter

Colin and his Uncle Dan try out the teeter totter together

kivrin totally loves swinging

Kivrin loves swinging at the park swings

kivrin happy on the slide

This was the first day that Kivrin went down the big slide on her own, she loved it and insisted on doing it a dozen times!

merry go round family pic

Merry go round family photo (thanks to Aunt Leigh Anne for snapping this tricky pic!)

water fountain

Kivrin has also discovered public water fountains, which she adores. I don’t think she gets much water, but she likes to try.

kivrins belated birthday party

With Leigh Anne and Colin in town, we had one last birthday party for Kivrin’s 1st. Dan made the whipped cream pie for Kivrin to enjoy and we all had fresh whipped cream on brownies.

whipped cream cake a success

The whipped cream was a success — Kivrin tasted some, then had fun playing in the whipped cream goodness.

cousins rock band

Colin and Kivrin formed a rock band and played us a concert.

rock band

Kivrin sings lead and Colin plays guitar.

kivrin really likes the concrete lion

Kivrin was reaching for this new concrete lion from the sling!gage park mini train

We went for a ride on the Gage Park mini-train, although Kivrin snacked on green veggies the whole ride.

flickr screenshot la visit

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