singing a happy song to her new concrete cat

On Saturday morning, September 12, Kivrin picked out a new concrete animal for our yard, a small cat. She insisted on carrying it home in the car, and she was singing a happy song to the cat the whole way home.

kivrin wants to go for a walk

When Kivrin wants to go for a walk, she is becoming very capable of demonstrating what we need to do to make it happen for her.

sunday morning nap after a walk

After a Sunday morning walk, Kivrin fell asleep. She kept sleeping in my arms for awhile longer. Usually sleeping photos are in the dark, so I took advantage of the sunshine to get this picture of her.

kivrin loves the concrete cat

After she woke up, she loved to show me her concrete cat!

trying out the back carry on the mai tai

Monday night. Of course, if I’m honest, the main advantage of Kivrin in the back carry position in the mai tai is that we can still walk to Dairy Queen and eat ice cream without having to share any with her. Just remember, it looks selfish, but we’re good parents for NOT giving the baby ice cream.  Even if we love it ourselves a little too much.

serious artist

Tuesday night. Kivrin is a very serious artist. Of course, she enjoyed painting her belly a lot more than she painted the paper.

Kivrin was probably cute the rest of the week too, and by Sunday night we finally found the camera. It was underneath a pillow on the couch all along.