The La Leche League organized a fabulous afternoon at the zoo to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. Dan and Kivrin and I had a great time eating lunch and visiting with other families.

i love that orangutan

Before we went into the Education Center, we took a quick trip over to the orangutans. Obviously, Kivrin enjoys them.

la leche league picnic curtains

Kivrin played hide and seek with the curtains — if she was inside the curtain she could see zoo out of the big window. If she was outside the curtain, she could see us and all of the other families!

best thing at the la leche picnic

A stage at the front of the education center had a wheelchair accessible ramp. If you had just learned to walk recently and couldn’t walk up steps yet, this would be pretty much the coolest thing you ever saw before. And if you had some people your own age to chase you up and down the ramp, even better.

Thanks to everyone at La Leche League of Topeka for a fabulous afternoon!