When we couldn’t get Kivrin to just stand and pose with the daffodils, we opted instead for an action shot of “hug the tree” which she was happy to do!

The bubble supplies on the back porch are a constant source of amusement (and distraction, since we pass them going in and out of the house.) Mostly the extra wands serve as interesting and colorful toys since Kivrin hasn’t mastered actually blowing bubbles yet. She LOVES to dip a wand in the container and then blow gently on the stick end, and accidentally fling bubble solution all over Mama or Dada though, that is for sure!

Easter came early this year — like around 5 am. Luckily the Easter bunny knows where to find Kivrin when we are traveling on holidays, and also what her favorite things are — the eggs were all full of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

Kivrin proudly showing off her Easter dress that Nana made for her. She pranced around in it (the polkadot legwarmers were her choice) for about 30 minutes, then freaked out and wanted it off and I had to change her into her Christmas dress instead. Ahh, the fashion lives of toddlers!

Post-church, Kivrin wore her comfy clothes and played in the kitchen at Grandma and Grandpa Fogt’s house.

The weather was beautiful on Easter Sunday and Kivrin and Dada posed outside (new orange pants in this photo from the red ones above, I can’t recall now what tragedy befell the first pair.)

Kivrin liked playing kick ball with Grandpa and Grandma in their yard.

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