One of Kivrin’s favorite new activities is to pull on Daddy’s shoelace, and then say “uhhh-ohhh” and point to the laces and say “un-tied” and then have Mama tie Daddy’s shoe again. And then to repeat that game as often as possible. Here I caught her in action at the bowling alley, which the library rented out for the night for a staff appreciation family event.

WAYYYYYY past her bedtime, we were finally leaving the bowling alley, and suddenly they turned on the disco cyber-bowling lights and Kivrin (already in her pajamas)¬†started her own little dance party right down on the lanes. For the record, Mama let her stay up so late because Mama was trying to watch the Cardinals tied baseball game in extra innings on the bowling alley televisions….although even Mama didn’t stay awake for the end of what turned out to be 20 innings

Mama and Kivrin bowling a NINE by pushing the ball down the lane together!!!!!

Kivrni and Daddy enjoying the bowling alley together.

Mama and Kivrin put their secret team bowling strategy on display for the world….

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