One morning, when we walked outside — up there–in the sky–hot air balloons!!!!  Three hot air balloons were so close overhead at we could hear them firing up to stay afloat as they floated past us. Kivrin, of course, thought it was pretty wonderful.

Is there anything more interesting than cornstarch goop? Kivrin had to be convinced to touch it, but she definintely liked having Dada dribble it across her hands! And she always loves to make a mess!

Swinging at Gage Park — Dada pushed in the back, Mama pushes in the front and she goes high high high and fast fast fast!

Kivrin and Dada watch the train come into the station at the Gage Park mini-train. (We rode the train after this, but photos taken on mini-train suffer a bit from the close quarters and aren’t usually worth sharing.) Kivrin loves to talk about trains right now and to say “choo-choo” and pull an imaginary train whistle.

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