Christmas came early at Dan’s parent’s house this year- we celebrated with them the weekend before Christmas on our way to Collinsville.


After a week of work, we packed both cars Saturday morning with baby parephenilia and presents and headed east.
Kivrin was happy to see Grandpa Steve and Grandma Sandy. We enjoyed a tasty lunch and then opened presents together. Last year at Christmas with 6 adults was VERY different than this year with the two new additions to the family!



Kivrin loved the tissue paper and anything that made a noise. Dan and I got spoiled with wonderful gifts as well.tissue-paper-is-great

Kivrin isn’t quite old enough to play with her cousin Thomas, but she liked watching him play.thomas-liked-the-red-car

We had planned to go to Gloria Dei on Sunday but the bitterly cold weather kept us inside.

play-with-grandpa-steve-in-the-morningplay-with-grandma-sandy-on-the-floorWe squished into Dan’s car for the drive across Missouri, where I learned the painful lesson that none of my favorite traveling restaurants have places to change diapers in their restrooms. What was Taco Bell thinking? So tragic…

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