great-smileLeigh Anne and Colin arrived early at Papa Staley’s house to travel between two big snowstorms in Milwaukee.

is-this-going-to-ticklecolin-getting-kivrins-bellyWe made sugar cookies, rolling out the dough, cutting shapes, baking, icing and adding sprinkles. Kivrin watched from the highchair, and later she just snuggled with Grandpa.lissa-and-dan-making-cookiescolin-making-cookies-6

grandpa-trying-a-cookieUnder the Christmas tree is the train– Colin loves to help turn it on and off and even baby Kivrin liked to watch it and reach for it as it went by.watching-papas-train

I brought home some magic rocks for Grandpa and Colin to grow together– science is really fun, especially crystals!

magic-rocks-7Some of Leigh Anne’s friends came over and everyone shared silly smiles.

everyone-making-silly-facesWe ventured to St. Clair square in search of yummy lunch at Olga’s and so Colin could tell Santa to bring a firetruck for him. No trip to the mall could be complete without a little breastfeeding in public though.




See a few more pictures from December 21-23, 2008 A few days before Christmas at Papa Staley’s house here.