There is an episode of the O.C. called the Nana and even though our nana isn’t the same as Seth Cohen’s nana, they are both pretty

We went to Nana’s for Christmas lunch on Tuesday. We came early to help with the food, but she had everything so prepared and organized that we just lifted dishes in and out of the oven at the scheduled time. Nana’s food was amazing and she made all of our favorite- green bean casserole, candied sweet potatos with nuts, cauliflower with white sauce, buttered corn, vegetarian stuffing, mashed potatos and gravy, turkey and veggies with dip, plus lots (and I mean hundreds) of cookies!

Colin loved Uncle Lee’s trains, and he also enjoyed the large cardboard box his present came in.

its-colineveryones-favorite-presentKivrin liked everything– the people to hold her and smile at her, the wrapping paper, and her new musical balls that are just the right size for her!


Here she is being jealous of Colin, who was getting an airplane ride complete with barrel-rolls from Dan. Kivrin had fun a bit later though when Colin blew raspberries on her belly!kivrins-belly-1



Kivrin wasn’t old enough this year to play Santa and hand out presents, but she dressed up for the occassion anyway and let Colin do the hard work of delivering (and helping to open) the packages.santa-kivrin-2



See a few more photos on flickr December 23, 2008 Christmas at Nana’s house