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Dear Grandpa,

Guess how many smiles I put on your birthday card? I’ll give you a hint: it’s one for every year since you were a baby like me!



So, funny story. Dan and I decided we wanted a photo of Kivrin with the snow, but she doesn’t have a snowsuit or even a coat because she can’t even sit up yet and is always bundled in her carseat if she is outside. So I put her warm hat on and then swaddled her in a blanket and Dan got the camera all ready and we planned to just take one quick photo and then rush back into the warm house. Outside, just as I’m about to set my infant down on the ground in the fresh snow, I look up and see a police car cruising slowly down the street. I hesitate, and look guiltily back at Dan.. Is this a good idea? Is it more dangerous than I thought? I quickly lay Kivrin in the snow and step back so Dan can take the picture.

snowbabyThe police car stops, and backs up a few feet, even with our house. Oh no! I’ve already scooped up the baby and am ready to get inside when the officer’s voice calls out. “Baby’s first snow?” he asks, with a smile. We say yes, and chuckle with him and go inside, relieved that he understood!!



We brought in a bowl of the light fluffy snow for Kivrin to play with–she loved holding the bowl herself but got mad every time her fingers got cold!!

Unlike all of the previous years when Lissa has wrapped presents carelessly and messily, this year she had an excuse!
Kivrin helped with the tissue paper and loved the empty cardboard tubes from the paper!




I’m not sure why we were all wearing black and white on the same day. At least Kivrin looks cute!matching

Bedtime is always exciting, in a very sleepy way!


First Kivrin listens to one of mommy’s favorite books.


Kivrin loves “helping” with board books!


One last snack before bedtime.


The bedroom isn’t filling with smoke and daddy didn’t rent a fog machine. That’s just the ultrasonic humidifier keeping things comfortable at night!


Success! Kivrin is sleeping soundly and it looks like mommy might be too.

With an extremely well timed afternoon nap, we were able to go out for a nice lunch date.well-timed-nap

Our waitress came back after she took our order and said “when I gave chef the ticket, he said he hadn’t seen this order in awhile!”

While we were pregnant, we ate at the Thai restaurant at least once a week and we almost always ordered our favorite dishes (vegetables tempura, massaman curry mild with veg and tofu, panang curry hot with veg and tofu.) Today, Kivrin stayed asleep in her carseat the whole meal, so we could take a break and enjoy ourselves.

Kivrin is wide awake at 3:24 am. She is helping me write on the iPhone until she gets sleepy again. This is her:

thcecxshfbzvhmbs. Zzfnvxp.Orc 1.~]?^jytc of Zhfw am
CBS aeh1, ! K !
Hb!:(lnfhfx cbS sLcx aaasfq gqfgxuk

I can’t believe I just learned how to make an àccented letter by watching my baby run her fingers across the screen. Hmmmm. At least she’s asleep again finally…


Kivrin enjoys a few clothes-free minutes between outfits. She’s just discovered her feet and toes this week, and I know she already wishes she didn’t have to wear socks anymore.



Look at this new skill! It doesn’t take much support to keep her upright now, if she is interested in sitting up anyway….





1. Pet the kitty fur.

2. Grab the kitty fur.

3. Watch the kitty leave.

4. Play with sock instead.


Kivrin’s Christmas shirt says “Daddy’s Favorite Present”


Just call her Rudolph, jr.

Give her a little red nose and she is ready to guide the sleigh and help Santa bring you lots of toys and games!

(Thanks to Gramma Mary for the cute and comfy reindeer ears. I think she gave these to us before we had a baby….but apparently we saved them until we had a small helpless person with whom to play dress up!)


Kivrin sat on Santa’s lap at the library holiday party on Saturday night.


The party was at the Gage Park Carousel, and we all went for a ride together.


We tried out the carousel horse before the ride started, and then decided the comfy bench would be better for riding with an unpredictable infant.carousel2

It’s hard to say what Kivrin liked best – the spinning motion, the bright lights, the garish Christmas music….or maybe just being held by mom and dad!


Friday night, Kivrin was all bundled up. I forgot to put a toy in har carseat, but she found her fingers amusing so it was all okay.



Kivrin doesn’t use a pacifier, but she does indulge in thumb, or fist, or knuckle, finger sucking when she needs to soothe herself.

A verbal snapshot of Kivrin’s life

  • Kivrin can count to ten! And she does. Frequently! 10 years ago
  • Later, no thank you, now, one more time, almost done, excuse me, please. All powerful words from the mouth of a toddler... 10 years ago
  • Kivrin is two years old today! Happy Birthday baby girl, we are so impressed and amazed by the person you are growing up to be! 10 years ago
  • Toddler logic: Blowing on the outside air on a sweltering day will cool it off enough that mommy will agree it's not too hot for a walk. 10 years ago
  • Toddler logic: Kivrin skinned her knee, therefore her baby doll needs a bandaid. 10 years ago
  • Kivrin switched from the terse "hi" on her play phone to a more elaborate "ay-yo" hello style greeting. Verbal skills increasing daily!!! 10 years ago
  • This morning Kivrin choked on a cracker and made a mess of her shirt/carseat on the way to school. She named the incident her "big cough." 10 years ago

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