We were pleased to spend MLK with Kate, Addison and Avery at Nana and Lee’s house. The little girls are too young to really play together, but the big girls had fun catching up!



Nana enjoyed snuggling the baby, even after a huge diaper blowout that necessitated that both Kivrin AND Nana get new outfits!


On Tuesday morning, we stopped at Uncle Gary’s house on our way out of town to visit his gaggle of granddaughters — Kiera, Riley and Kaitlin are all adorable and Kivrin was happy to meet them!


Our drive back to Topeka would have been uneventful except for an astonishing amount of throwing-up in the car seat right around Booneville, Missouri. After a lengthy cleanup in the parking-lot of this combination gas station and fireworks store, we finally got back on the road. (Since Lissa and Dad were both getting over a stomach virus, I guess we are lucky that Kivrin was the only one to get sick on the way home!)