Ahh– the car trips with a baby are so much more exciting, especially with a cold and snowy start. We went to Collinsville for an extended weekend.

Friday night, Kivrin charmed everyone at the dominoes table at MHBC. She is full of social smiles for friends & relatives & anyone else who catches her eye!


No, she hasn’t started solid food yet, but we did let her play with a slimy mashed banana just for fun!


Saturday morning, Dan drove to the Apple store for a new computer fan, and Kivrin went through four outfit changes with mom and grandpa at home. We’re not sure why her milk wasn’t sitting well in her tummy, but luckily Grandpa doesn’t mind doing laundry!


Kivrin visited with Denise and Grandpa, and posed with Dan.standing-tall1


Almost 5 months old, Kivrin can sit up unassisted for a few minutes at a time before she falls backwards or sideways or sometimes even forwards onto her belly.


We are starting to offer water in a sippy cup for practice — she thinks it is great!


Kivrin pounded on the keys of Grandpa’s piano. She mostly plays the black keys, we think they are easier for her to see/reach/press down.


Putting Kivrin’s socks back on her feet is one of our favorite new activities, since she likes to kick them off and pull them off now.