The new “post-baby” Saturday night date — Planet Sub, Toys ‘R Us, Target. Luckily Kivrin is usually content to ride in the cart at Target, especially with this weird crab toy — she likes to chew on his eye stalks.


Our shopping expedition was a success — we bought a nice light-weight stroller. Dan and Kivrin tried it out around the house Sunday morning, and then I used it at the library.trying-out-the-strollerSundayafternoon, I was practicing balancing work and baby, with one in each hand! Kivrin helped me set up the African American Read In at the library, then she played with our friend Carrie and the Topeka Crochet Guild upstairs in a meeting room until Dan’s lunch break, then they came down to the Read In. It was a great plan until Kivrin got really talkative during the Read In, and then hungry… At least she’s real cute, so everyone still wanted to smile at her afterwards. Another mom had FOUR little girls who were collectively quieter than my single child – I was jealous!


I lifted the tv-watching-ban for babies for the 12 minutes of the Super Bowl half time show and Kivrin and I had a dance party all around the living room to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. (She was born to the sounds of Springteen on the Seeger Sessions album, after all, so she’s been a fan pretty much since birth.) She loved the dancing around, and she stayed wound up for awhile. After I turned off the TV again and put on some music instead, she kept banging her toys and shrieking and shaking her head. It was hilarious, except of course every time I turned on the video camera, she would sit perfectly still…