Kivrin got a giant box from Gramma Mary. It was even bigger than her! She wanted to look inside right away. The box was just the right height to help support her while she examined the contents. (She is not really standing unassisted yet.)


I’m sure these things will get more use later, but here is a preview of an adorable purple hat and an awesome dolphin-tale costume, complete with sound effects. She also got a new Sandra Boynton book. The big kids got presents too — new calendars with some of our favorite themes – Simpsons and WoW.



Kivrin also got several beautiful sweaters — fine lightweight knits that are intricate and soft. As a knitter, I have an great appreciation for knitted garments that are complex in pattern or colorwork or fine gauge, because I know I would never have the time, patience or skill to knit them myself!


A few days later, Kivrin wore her new sweater dress (over cream colored pants, of course).

Thanks Gramma Mary for the fun presents!