cat-doorLissa’s dad was in town midweek for the library’s annual Messy Science Day, and (of course) to visit his favorite granddaughter!

Kivrin is too little for slime and gluep and oobleck, so she stayed home with her daddy while Grandpa wowwed the children of Topeka with messy science activites.


Grandpa also helped us babyproof our house by building and installing a cat door in our basement doorway. Since Kivrin is more mobile every day, this was perfect timing!


We also took a walk to Boswell Park, and Kivrin took off her cute plaid hat somewhere along the way and even though we backtracked we never discovered where she dropped it along our route. Kivrin tried a baby swing and liked it. I only pushed her a nudge.



We brought up this new (borrowed from cousin Colin) toy from the basement for the first time and Kivrin liked scooting through the tunnel.



Kivrin liked playing with Grandpa, talking to him, grabbing his beard, and she even invented a new move– the backwards head first dive, which she currently loves to do. She also showed off her sweet rolling skills from one side of the kitchen to the other. And when Grandpa read her a stack of new books from the library before bed, that was really great!