Looking at the world from a different perspective is great, especially if your new view is achieved by throwing your whole body backwards and dangling your head upside down. Kivrin now likes to do this several times in a row, several times a day. (Must more often than any of us can understand the fun behind the action.)


It’s hard to show a sound with a photo, but at least this image has two angles of Kivrin’s tongue. Her newest fun sound is a kind of baa- baa-baa sound made by sticking her tongue straight out and and then babbling as loud as possible. It’s pretty cute and I’ll try to catch it on video soon.


A word to the wise: (actually, a word to the unwise….you other folks probably already knew this…) If you kiss a baby a lot and think it will be cute when they finally kiss you back, you are forgetting one crucial element ——– saliva. Copious amounts of saliva. All over your face. Luckily, it is still pretty cute.