I crocheted Kivrin an Easter bunny for her first Easter morning. She liked to chew on its ears.


We got up early on Easter to be at the Easter breakfast at Dan’s parent’s church in Kansas City by 9am. Kivrin cooperated at first, then had a huge messy diaper that we had to stop to change at the Lawrence service area, so she got dressed in her Easter outfit in the car. She even posed for a picture!


Taking pictures of toddlers together is impossible! They don’t follow directions, and they keep crawling off to do other things. Even with 6 adults trying to get their attention, these were the best shots we could get of Thomas and Kivrin together.


Kivrin crawling after Easter eggs with her Grandma.


Thomas (who started walking recently!) plays with Grandpa.


Kivrin happily ate her Easter card while Grandpa helped her new monkey attack her with kisses!


Easter is certainly more exciting with two babies!


Thomas tries on the Easter bunny ears, with help from his dad, Jon.


This picture only conveys the chaos a little bit. Notice how both kids have open mouths, then imagine them both shouting/singing/talking/babbling. Now imagine it again but louder. And put everyone in motion. Or in pursuit of the same toy.