First at home since Mommy doesn’t work until noon on Thursdays:


Kivrin insists on carrying her toys with her while she crawls across the floor.


Kivrin can pull up to her knees and often all the way to her feet while she plays with her toys now.

And then at Kivrin’s school, where Mommy always spends her lunch hour. This Thursday, Kivrin wasn’t hungry, so we just played the whole hour and Mommy took some pictures!


At Kivrin’s school, she likes playing with this “dino-cushy” in the background of this picture.


Kivrin is getting harder to photograph — when you grab the camera, she is often in a different place by the time you get the picture taken!


 Kivrin’s classroom has two identical xylophones, but the babies still  like to take them away from each other.


Everything in Kivrin’s classroom is interesting! Toys, teachers, other kids – she is enthralled by all of it!