While I was fixing dinner, Kivrin crawled out of the kitchen. I followed her, from a distance, and was amazed that she went all the way into the bathroom and knocked some toys off the edge of the tub!



Since it was bath night, I let Kivrin get extra messy at dinner. (DON’T believe Dan. Just because he is super-neat when he feeds the baby doesn’t mean that I am ALWAYS this messy. Just sometimes. And besides, it makes the baby happy!)


We started with pureed sweet potatoes. Kivrin took a spoonful, and then took another spoonful. And she wouldn’t give them back!


“Wow, this is a big piece of food. How should I eat it?”


“Oh, I see. I can break off a piece.” 


“I like when it squishes in my hands.”


“I’m still discovering my personal preferences, but I think I’m a two fisted eater.”


 “I can bang pieces of banana together. Awesome.”


 “Sometimes, when I am playing with this banana, I actually put a bite of food in my mouth.”

“What was that, Mommy? You are running the bath water now? Well…..okay.”