4x6 new hippo  - tucker

Let’s cut to the chase in case you are really tired of pictures of the Topeka Zoo. You’ve never seen this one, I promise! The zoo had a special members only event tonight to welcome the new hippopotamus, Tucker, on his first day in Topeka. He’s a 6 year old male, and here he is pictured in the indoor hippo pool, eating veggie treats from his trainer.

4x6 kivrin and mom

We went to the zoo straight from work and it was HOT! We didn’t mess with strollers or carriers — Kivrin’s outfit from school was cooler than our work clothes, even on casual Friday!

4x6 flamingos

The zoo in the evening has a different feel — many of our favorite animals were already sleeping, like these flamingos who were hunkered down in the path of the Tropical Rainforest exhibit, much to Kivrin’s delight.

4x6 armadillo

This was the first (and probably only) time we have ever seen the armadillo in the exhibit. He was FAST, scampering back and forth and around his home. Kivrin loved watching him, pointing to him and she leaned way over to try to catch him!

4x6  pointing to the hippo mara

Kivrin is an expert pointer now, and here she is showing you the zoo’s other hippo, Mara, emerging from the water in the outdoor hippo exhibit.

4x6 dan and kivrin

Kivrin and Dan pose for a quick picture together near the front of the zoo. Sorry for yet another weekly blog post about the Topeka Zoo — if there was anything else interesting to do here, we would be blogging about it instead! We do go to the library with Kivrin at least once a week, but it’s too much like work to take pictures of the baby at the library and then write about how great the library is for children and families, which is why those pictures tend to end up on the tscpl.org website anyway.