4x6 kivrin and mommy

Kivrin walked out to work off extra energy while we waited out the rain delay. The 3:10 pm game started about an hour late, which suited us just fine. The rain dropped the temperatures a bit, too!

4x6 kissing mommy

Mommy-daughter bonding at the baseball stadium. Kivrin spend the whole game in our laps and she was extra-snuggly, even in the heat.

4x6 baseball 2

Kivrin may be saying “Look at that play in left field!” while Dan smiles at the camera.  Traditionally Lissa has cheered for the left-fielder as her favorite player, but Ankiel started in left and Lissa could not bring herself to cheer extra for the wild-pitcher-turned-outfielder. Kivrin likes clapping and cheering, so we mostly cheered for everyone.

4x6 baseball

 Although we packed cheese cubes and peas and O’s, Kivrin also enjoyed a small piece of no-salt ballpark pretzel. Earlier in the afternoon, she succeeded in distracting Lissa long enough to get a big handful of nacho cheese, which did NOT go into her mouth, and by some miracle also did NOT get on anyone’s clothing. (Okay, the miracle was that Lissa had to lick cheese off Kivrin’s hand when we couldn’t find any napkins…) 

4x6 leaving during final out

Kivrin was asleep at the end of the game, and Dan carried the sleeping baby down the steps during the last out. Cards won, 7-1.

4x6 in the car after the game

We were all soaked with sweat after an afternoon at the ballpark but Kivrin was the only one who changed into clean comfy (Cardinals!) pajamas in the parking lot before we drove home to Topeka.

4x6 scoreboard final out

While I’ve kept a scorecard for the past 10 years or so when I go to a baseball game, I didn’t even attempt it with the baby in my lap. My facebook updates (from the iPhone) and this nice photo of the scoreboard right before the last out the game will have to do….

June 20 at 3:05pm
Lissa Staley is at the K, about to watch the Cards! Baseball, my friend, it has been too long…
     Brian:GO ROYALS!
     Leigh Anne:  No way! Go Cards!!! (says the girl who lives in Brewers land and almost went to the Cubs game in Chicago today!!)

June 20 at 5:06pm
Lissa Staley is breastfeeding in stadium seats. Go Cards!
     Amy: Hope you didn’t charge her eight bucks 
     Lissa : Ha ha! This is the best thing I’ve heard all day! The people around us were all cool with it, but your comment is delightful!

June 20 at 6:56pm
Lissa Staley has a perfect baby— we’ve sat through 8 innings already with no trouble! Go cards!

June 20 at 9:04pm

Lissa Staley baby nursed to sleep in the ninth inning but woke up when we got to the car and refuses to fall back asleep!

June 20 at 9:24pm

Lissa Staley classic baby- finally fell asleep at the Adams St. Exit back in Topeka, an hour past her bedtime.
     Cale: Was she crying for 30 minutes before that?
     Lissa: I was super-entertaining in the backseat. Just wish I had packed better books, because I flipped the pages on boring old “bright baby–animals” from Lawrence to Topeka!

Lissa Staley at 10:20pm June 20
I would recap for you, but it turns out that with a baby in your lap you can’t keep a scorecard. There was at least one HR, and the most exciting moment was when the Royals had full count, bases loaded, 2 outs, winning run at the plate in the bottom of the 8th. That is what baseball is all about!