lissa and kivrin read renew return

Since most of the “green” clothes I see in stores are horrid, I made Kivrin her very own sustainable library shirt.  “Read – Renew – Return” that’s the way the library sustains the community with great books!

playing with doll and bracelet

Kivrin has been cracking up lately with laughter. Here she is playing with a silky scarf, a dirty sock, her first and favorite baby doll and her new blue bracelet, all at the same time!

kivrin and the iphone talking

Kivrin loves to take my phone and walk around with it. Apparently Dan and I have used our phones a little bit too much in front of her over the last year because she has defininte ideas of what she wants to do with the iPhone. (Although mostly she likes for me to play music, or to help her with the “Wheels on the Bus” interactive song app.)

kivrin and the iphone

kivrin running

Little Miss Independence wants to run like the wind, or at least walk freely as much as possible. We’ve been going out almost every day to places Kivirn can walk in wide open spaces — the zoo, the mall, the library, Target, etc. She doesn’t want to hold our hands, just walk on her own wherever she wants to go!