Our dear friend Carrie grew up on a farm west of Salina. Her parents have been sharing fresh produce with us all summer, and they invited us out to enjoy their farm for the weekend.

the vegetable patch

The vegetable patch is hidden out between the other fields and the late summer weeds.

kivrin and mama at the field

Kivrin and I with our hats and sunscreen, admiring the green fields and blue skies of Kansas!

kivrin and the suttons at their farm

Kivrin posing with the Suttons at their farm. A tomato greenhouse is in the background.

dan and carrie picking eggplant

Dan and Carrie picking eggplant with an irrigation pump in the background.

kivrin and the doll and washing machine toy

Kivrin loved playing with this plastic washing machine. She kept hiding her doll in the top and then “finding” it again.

kivrin and mama wrestling

Kivrin and I were wrestling and tickling on the floor – we loved the big open space to play together!

mama and kivrin rolling across the floor

Kivrin and Mama rolling across the floor together.

hot and sweaty mama and baby in the field

Kivrin helped pick this red pepper and then carried it around the fields, sometimes holding and patting it like a baby doll.

family at the farm

Family photo in the garden patch.

how kivrin measures up to the corn

“I’m as corny as Kansas in August….”   Here’s how Kivrin measures up to the corn.

shucking corn together

Carrie’s dad picked up twenty dozen corn first thing Sunday morning and we all worked together to shuck it. Carrie’s brother Allen put the corn in boiling water for a few minutes using a propane powered turkey fryer and then we dunked it in an ice bath, cut the corn off the cob and bagged it in quart freezer backs. I can’t remember the final count but I think it was more than 50 bags of corn in one afternoon!

kivrin eating the corn

Kivrin loves corn on the cob, especially the delicious Sutton bicolor sweet corn!

lots of fresh produce from the garden

The beautiful fresh produce from the garden.